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Schoen’s former office is Lot 46 on the Traymore subdivision plan, consisting of 0.49 acres, and is separately taxed. The Shepards are willing to convey this parcel by separate deed, but only to someone also buying the Manor House and outbuildings (which are on Lot 44).

History and Description

Apparently, Charles Schoen did not find his 400 acre working farm a sufficient challenge. He bought the Old Mill from the Rose Valley Association when it got into financial trouble and converted it for the manufacture of FEPS carburetors under the name Schoen-Jackson Works. (One of Schoen’s other daughters, Lenora, had married Roy Jackson—for whom Schoen built Roylencroft, a magnificent William Price designed home, also on Rose Valley Farm.)

Schoen had William Price design an office building half way between Schoen Haus and the Old Mill, which was completed in 1910. It was from this office that Schoen claimed to have spent over $1.5 million in the development of the nation’s first pressed steel railroad wheel, which he then manufactured at Schoen Steel Wheel Company in Pittsburgh.

Schoen’s former office is now two bedroom cottage of some 1800 square feet. The first floor contains a two story Great Room, along with a gourmet kitchen, a study and a formal dining room. There are three fireplaces, including an Inglenook fireplace in the Great Room, and Douglas fir paneling throughout.

It has been totally renovated and restored, with new mechanical systems throughout—including a security system and an emergency generator.

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